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Use DesktopX to build your own customized desktop.

DesktopX is a revolutionary program that lets you completely change the Windows desktop into anything you want it to be. It's the program studios use to create futuristic looking computer screens in movies and TV. Enhance your desktop by giving Windows the ability to have real objects on the desktop. Objects include clocks, stock tickers, calendars, weather monitors, living creatures, and thousands of other objects or ?widgets? that are available on-line for free download. DesktopX makes it easy for both casual users and power users to build their own desktops to meet their needs. Do you have a stock you want to keep track of? Do you like to keep track of your CPU performance? Do you often need to convert US money into foreign dollars and back again? Widgets are little mini programs that sit on your desktop and keep track of these things for you, and there are hundreds available online. They can be a simple as a pretty analog clock, a to-do list to help you keep track of tasks, or a weather widget that will give you the 5 day forecast. They can be more complicated, such as a currency converter or stock ticker. You decide what is necessary, and you customize your desktop. End users can tweak their desktop with a point and click interface. Developers can use Javascript or VBScript to make their objects fully scriptable. DesktopX can even make your existing desktop look better by allowing you to have icons sized independently from the rest of the system as well as add shows and mouse events effects to them that can make your desktop incredibly cool. Find more information here:

[Download] (25330 K)

Program Details

Released: 2006-07-31
More:All programs by this author
Downloads: 371
License Type: Shareware
Platform: WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003
Price: $24.95 US

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